The Best Military Tactical Beater Watch Under $100 – Casio G-Shock DW5600MS-1 Review & Comparison

Militär-Uhren günstige kaufen

Tactical Watches – Die Uhr für harte Zeiten

Soldaten, Wachleute, Jäger, Polizisten, Feuerwehrleute, Outdoor-Enthusiasten – sie alle brauchen extra-robuste Uhren, die sie nachts…

KHS Uhren

KHS TACTICAL WATCHES – Militäruhren für höchste Ansprüche

Ursprünglich für den Außeneinsatz von Soldaten entwickelt, sind Militäruhren heute auch ein maskulines Accessoire im Alltag. Die…


When you absolutely positively got to kill every other watch under $100 in the room, accept no substitute! It's been over 2 years since I purchased my last g-shock that I use daily as my work-out and primary beater watch. Today I replace my trusty Mudman "Military" G9000MS-1 and compare it to my latest acquisition. Introducing the DW5600MS-1, one of the best military inspired and tactical watches under $100. But this is no ordinary tactical G-Shock, I have also modded it and added various extras to make it even more comfortable, robust and generally cooler looking!

To buy your own parts and accessories to customise your G-shock, I recommend Jay & Kays on eBay:

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