CITIZEN introduce our latest Satellite Wave -GPS „Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900“ and our original technology „Super Titanium“ with the interviews of our brand manager and others. At CITIZEN, watchmaking is still a work in progress, not a history lesson — exploring new possibilities for the future is what excites us.


  • Japan Lovely sagt:

    no satellite connected with this watch – it’s rubbish story.


    design is good.

  • Tyler Sims sagt:

    I recently purchased my Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual Chrono AT4004 E52. I love the watch. I am a big Citizen fan. New world Tech with the elegance of yesterday in a watch. I get the whole old mechanical Swiss thing. But a watch that keeps Atomic accurate time, never needs a battery, has all the complications, and is darn nice to wear and look at…I’m in. Don’t look past the Japanese. They are making great watches.

  • theoriginalJo3l sagt:

    Thank you for posting this video.
    I enjoyed the information you shared. I have a Raido Controlled Blue Angel Eco Drive and love it.
    I hope someday to buy your Satellite watch because the synchronisation is easier and more reliable.

  • RandomTechS@#T sagt:

    So sadly underrated

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